Henning Goldmines – Antwort der BCSC an einen Anleger

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Ein betroffener Anleger hatte sich direkt an die BCSC gewendet und gefragt “was dann mit dem Handelsverbot der Aktien sei”, und unter welchen Bedingungen dann der Handel mit den Aktien wieder frei gegeben werde. Hier die kurze knappe Antwort im Original.


Thank you for contacting the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) about Henning Gold Mines Inc. (“Henning”). The BCSC issued a cease trade order (CTO) against Henning on May 15, 2014. Please click here to view the details outlined in the CTO. Any residents of British Columbia will not be able to purchase or sell their shares until the BCSC revokes the cease trade order. A CTO stops trading of securities for a company, but does not restrict a company from issuing or filing ongoing disclosure such as press Releases.

When the BCSC issues a CTO against a given company, it depends on the nature of the CTO to determine how to have the CTO lifted. For example, if the cease trade was for failure to file financial statements, the cease trade will not be removed until the company files all the current financial documents. The CTO issued against Henning is still active. If you require additional assistance, please contact us again.